It isn’t uncommon for foul odors to enter your car, especially if your have small kids or pets. Instead of covering the smell with air fresheners, eliminate it completely. DC Auto Detailing uses a Ozone Machine For Odor Removal to keep your car smelling fresh.

Does your vehicle smell worse than a “Soccer Mom Van” on game day? It’s time to get rid of the odors! Some people will attempt to remove the smell themselves and end up with an even bigger mess. Sure, baking soda might remove some smells, but when the smells are gone, you are still left with a white powdery substance all over your floorboard. Give us a call today and we will help save your nose! Our team will come out and force those pesky smells to disappear.

Odor removal can be one of the most difficult parts of cleaning a car, especially when trying to do it yourself. Some attempts may backfire on you and make it so much worse. Other options will not even touch the odors and you are left with your car smelling like a middle school boy who thinks cologne is a sufficient shower. You need a better option! That’s when you turn to professional odor removal services from an auto detailing company you can trust. We are here to be just that for you. Call us today to let the professionals take over and rid your car of those awful, lingerie odors.


There is only one effective car odor removal method, and that is by channeling ozone through your car’s HVAC system and throughout the interior. Before we begin the ozone treatment, we will

  • Vacuum, shampoo and steam clean the interior
  • Thoroughly dry the inside of the car, including upholstery
  • Apply a vinyl or leather protectant, if applicable

Once that’s done, we’ll set up the ozone machine in the center of your car and run it for one to three hours, depending on the strength of the odors.

We recommend replacing your car’s cabin air filter before this process for the best results.

Contact our specialists today to schedule your odor removal service. We are Located at 3820 East 44th St. Ste #416 Tucson, Az 85713

Ceramic Pro Tag

Ceramic Pro TAG is a progressive purification system based on photocatalytic effect designed to kill pathogens such as bacteria, microbes and viruses, which are a common cause of diseases, foul odors and mold. Applied on water-absorbing surfaces and exposed to a source of UV-rays such as sunlight, Ceramic Pro TAG decomposes 99.9% of pathogens present in the area. Common sterilizing products can kill the majority of bacteria and microbes, however, right after sterilization the pathogens resume reproduction and soon enough their number is back to where it was and continues to grow.

The purifying effect of Ceramic Pro TAG on the other hand is long-lasting and will keep working for up to 6 months. The photocatalytic effect is similar to electrolysis. It breaks down the molecules of water into hydrogen and hydroxide, destroying membranes of bacteria and microbes and structural elements of viruses causing them to decompose or loose structural and functional integrity. Ceramic Pro TAG is completely safe and non-toxic for humans and pets. Coating cures in 1-2 hours  after application at 25°C for dry surfaces and 3-5 days at 25°C for full more absorbent surfaces.

Staphylococcus Aureus

2 Hour Contact 72.20%

12 Hour Contact >99.9%

Escherichia Coli

2 Hour Contact 99.9%

12 Hour Contact >99.9%

Salmonella Enterica

2 Hour Contact 99.8%

12 Hour Contact >99.9%

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

2 Hour Contact 99.9%

12 Hour Contact >99.9%